All Star of The Month: Gracie Parker

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Congratulations, Gracie, on being our All-Star of the month! We are so thankful to have you and Andy as a part of the PHD Family for life. Gracie’s hard work and dedication to her program allowed her to shed 106.2 lbs in 48 weeks! In perfect timing, her and her husband Andy took off for Belize to celebrate their anniversary the week after she transitioned into maintenance. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Q: “What do you like most about our program?”

A: “I love the ease of the program and the support was incredible! Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of work, but it was the easiest program I have ever done!!!

Q: “What kind of positive changes have you been noticing?”

A: “I look better, feel amazing, sleep way better, exercise more and actually like it. I know I am way healthier.”

Q: “What made you decide to get started on your journey?”

A: “I wanted to make a lifestyle change and my husband and I heard your ads and decided to check it out- the rest is history!”

Q: “What motivating words would you tell someone else who is considering getting started on their own journey?”

A: “Your only regret, like mine, is that I didn’t hear about this earlier in my life and lose all the weight earlier! Do it! Please just sign up and you will thank yourself later!”


If you or someone you know would like help getting started on a life changing journey, give us a call today! 970.746.4133

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