No matter what

you’ve been told,

The world of nutrition

invented “Fake News.”

From gimmicky diets to questionable research to blatant conflicts of interest, it’s not surprising that the average American’s knowledge of nutrition is way below average.

“Fewer carbs! More protein! Lower fat! More calcium!” It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. And it’s not surprising when you consider where the information is coming from.

Government and corporations are almost always the source and they almost always have a conflict of interest. (When deep fried turkey breast is approved by the American Heart Association – and it is – we consider that a conflict of interest.)

There is an enormous difference between marketing-based information and research‑based.

One is pure science. The other is pure you know what. Our approach is based on the former. Everything we teach at Plant Life Coach comes from information obtained by independent research. Sources like The Wellness Forum and others who aren’t funded by food manufacturers, agricultural organizations, or marketers.

Our big secret to success

is not having a secret to success.

Living a life with a plant-based diet is something anyone can do. There are no secrets. You don’t buy meal plans online. No points, carbs or anything else to count. The key to Plant Life Coach is the coaching.

Our program is designed to help you make the transition to your better self and your better life.

We go at your pace

As fast or as slow as you prefer to make sure your life changes are permanent changes.

We provide online and in-person support

Whether you have a question or need a recipe or require a face-to-face meeting, we’re there for you

We give you the resources you need to succeed

Check out our resources page for information, downloads, apps, recipes and more

About Noelle

Noelle Bartholdi attended the University of California, Riverside to study medicine and quickly discovered a passion for nutritional science, exercise physiology and Gestalt psychology. Through a combination of these studies, Noelle created a program to help people get to the next level of awareness, fitness, and scientific understanding. Her approach to helping people lead a plant-based lifestyle has delivered remarkable results for clients worldwide.

Noelle has won multiple foot races including the Bobcat Trail Marathon and qualified for Boston – her first sanctioned marathon. Noelle has raced ultra-marathons, triathlons, and endurance events throughout the United States and is currently ranked nationally in single speed mountain biking. She holds the bronze in Ohio for cross country mountain biking and ranks first in her division for road biking in the state of Ohio. Despite her athletic success, her first passion is helping others find their greatest potential. “Nothing brings me more joy than to see someone uncover their best health. It is for this reason that I race with all my heart and soul, to exemplify that anyone can achieve their physical dreams and greatest health potential when they live a plant-based lifestyle.”

Food for thought:

Lower-fat dairy products are better for you than full-fat dairy products. True or False?

False! Lowering the fat in dairy products concentrates the protein content and dairy protein is linked to juvenile diabetes, asthma, allergies, constipation, chronic infections, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, and breast and prostate cancer.

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