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Need a little advice to make a giant change in your life? Here you go:

Ease into it!

You don’t have to go cold turkey to cut animal products out of your diet. (See what we did there?) Slowly cut down on your meat consumption and learn how to make – or find out where you can buy – delicious plant-based meals. Changing the way you live takes time. If you want to ease into it, that’s what you should do.

Get the Happy Cow App!

We have nothing to do with Happy Cow – we’re just huge fans. Happycow.com (and their app) will show you all of the best vegetarian restaurants near your location no matter where you happen to be located at the time. From fast food to five-star restaurants, finding the best of the best is quick and easy.

Load up on fruit!

Talk about an easy way to make the change to a plant-based diet. Just add more fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, frozen fruit. It’s a great choice no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Hit the bar!

Although not an optimal choice for all the time snacking, there are great nutrition bars out there. Cliff Bars: “Pomegranate Chia” and “Blueberry Crisp” have two of the lowest fat percentages and you can find them in most grocery stores. Try to avoid high fat bars like Kind Bars and Protein specific bars. Look at the total fat percentage and try to stay under 12%.

Ask the Chef!

Going to a good restaurant? Call ahead. Almost any restaurant will do their best to accommodate almost any request. A good chef will find it as a challenge and don’t be surprised if the chef pays a visit to your table to ask for feedback.

Carb it up!

There’s nothing wrong with having bowl of oatmeal or a bagel or even good old-fashioned bread. As long as it’s not the good old-fashioned overly processed variety, have at it. Just avoid butter and cream cheese.

Celebrate your success!

Get some sunshine! Use all the commonsense precautions but 20 minutes of safe exposure is a huge boost to your body systems. And by all means take a break! Rest and relax. The less stress the better. As you change your diet everything changes.

Wholegrain and dietary fiber food on white background

How did carbs become Public Enemy #1?

Guilt by association. The flour in a pastry hangs out with butter, cream, eggs and more. A pastry, for example is not a carbohydrate by percentage, it is a fat. A croissant with 70% of its calories from fat, is a fat, not a carb. Processed foods, disguised as carbs, have pulled whole plant food into the criminal ring, vilifying the most simple, abundant, energy providing, and easily digested health foods nature has to offer.

Some of the longest living cultures on Earth get 50% of their calories from whole grains. It’s not the carbohydrates that are the problem…it’s the animal products.

A molecule of carbohydrate is the most suitable form of food for use by the human body. It’s burned easiest, digests quickly and easily enters into the blood stream as a glucose molecule. Best of all it’s absorbed seamlessly into the muscles to be stored as glycogen – accessible energy necessary for all life processes.

Eliminating processed foods is a simple process.

The average American eats 4-5 servings of food from a cardboard box (processed food) each and every day. Just eliminating processed foods can have a huge impact on your health.

Food for thought:

Genetics has little to do with whether or not you develop heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. True or False?

True! Your genes are responsible for about 2-3% of health outcomes. Your diet and lifestyle habits are the primary determinants of your health or the development of disease.

fragment of human DNA molecule, 3d illustration isolated on whit
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