What are people saying about Plant Life Coach?

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  • “Noelle thoroughly educated me - in a way I could understand - on how to adopt and maintain a vegan diet to help fight cancer. I beat stage four breast and lung cancer. Years clean, my plant-based life, saved my life.”

    Megan O. Age 37
  • “No doubt about it, Noel will change your life forever! At 56 years old, recovering from multiple injuries and with a heart condition getting worse, the options in my life seemed to be closing in. Since working with Noelle and going plant-based, my heart has returned to “normal size and function” (to the astonishment of my Cardiologist) and the chronic back pain from a badly fractured pelvis is all but gone.  Most of all, I feel a youthful vigor and zest for life once again!”

    Mark C. Age 56
  • “Noelle is a coach in a million. She truly cares and won't stop until she has developed the right plan for YOU. This individual attention is what makes her Plant-Based Coaching unique. I was on the cusp of diabetes when I started with Noelle and in two months my blood sugar was within the normal range. It would have been faster if I had been a faster client! She sticks with you and offers solutions and support to help you succeed. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

    Elizabeth C. Age 60
  • “Noelle's advice has helped me thrive since the day I started my plant-based lifestyle over seven years ago. As a busy mother of three, a full time traveling professional and an avid endurance athlete her advice has always been spot on and science backed.”

    Angie G. Age 45
  • “The combination Noelle exhibits of passion, knowledge, and empathic understanding of her client makes her the ideal coach. She has been life-changing for me.”

    Shelly B. Age 42
  • "I can say without a doubt, that I would not have had the success I've had without Noelle's counseling both personal and nutritional, the training, continuous encouragement, and support have changed my life. She is simply a gem.”

    Pam R. Age 47
  • “The science-based lessons and skills I've learned from Noelle have led to permanent lifestyle changes that will continue to impact me and my family positively for the rest of our lives."

    Jeremy Age 50
  • “Within Noelle there is kindness, enthusiasm, and a wealth of knowledge on how to be healthy and live your best life. She’s awesome!”

    Krista R. Age 31
  • “Noelle begins each session from a space of compassion; organically adjusting the format/regimen to the client or group. She provides a holistic approach to wellness; encouraging nutritional, spiritual and physical values.”

    Jon L. Age 47
  • "Noelle instructs her clients with a very personal touch that combines healthy nutrition, precision workouts and lots of love and encouragement!"

    Cindy A. Age 52
  • “Noelle is a true nutrition and fitness guru on a level which I have not experienced with anyone else.”

    Rich L. Age 58
  • “Noelle is not only an elite athlete, she has the experience, training, knowledge and motivation to inspire you to be the best you want to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

    Neil R. Age 65
  • “I love Noelle's approach to coaching - she's caring, thoughtful and really listens and provides workable suggestions for improvements!”

    Terri E. Age 42
  • “Noelle’s depth of knowledge about plant-based living combined with her people skills make her an ALL-STAR coach. Make your decision, sit on the bench or feel great and get in the game.”

    Donald Z. Age 75

Food for thought:

Dietary supplements improve health. True or False?

False! There is little evidence showing that taking vitamins or other isolated nutrients prevents, stops the progression of, or reverses disease. Several studies have been stopped early because participants taking supplements experienced worse health outcomes than those taking placebo.

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