There’s more to Plant Life Coach than coaching.

No two clients are exactly alike so we customize our program to meet your needs.

Everything starts with a free consultation.

In person or over the phone, we take the time to get to know you. Your life. Your health. Your challenges. The things that make you uniquely you allow us to create a program that is perfect for your specific needs.

We work with your lifestyle and your budget.

Some people want to ease into a plant-based diet. Some are ready to dive in from the moment we talk. Some people need a little support. Some need a lot.

Rest assured that we can customize our program around you.

Initial Consultation

To identify how we can help

Professional Coaching

To give you the support you need

Ongoing Communication

To help you reach your goals

Program can be tailored to include in-person coaching on a weekly or monthly basis depending on individual needs.

Invite Noelle to speak to your group!

Noelle can educate and teach any size group about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Her enthusiasm is inspiring. Her presentation is dynamic. And the information is incredibly valuable.

Become a Plant Life Coach!

We offer certification courses so you can help others change their lives for the better through a plant-based diet.

Food for thought:

Increased calcium intake causes increases in bone fractures. True or False?

True! Studies show that as the calcium intake increases in a country, the bone fracture rate increases too. Calcium needs are quite low – in countries where the fracture rate is low, calcium intake is 400-500 mg per day.

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